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Why Shop Local?

Good for you

There are numerous reasons to buy local foods, including what some believe to be their superior freshness and delicious taste. Traveling a shorter distance to a market ensures that produce retains its nutrients and flavor. Research demonstrates that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of some diseases.

The environment

Buying from local growers protects the environment by minimizing the distance food travels from field to plate. The energy costs of production, processing, and distribution are minimized.


In addition, good farmland is an economic asset that needs to be preserved. Local family farms are a part of our working landscape which is a key component of tourism in Woodford County. Open lands are an important part of the environmental ecosystem; they conserve fertile soil, protect water sources, and sequester carbon from the atmosphere.

The economy

 Keeping food dollars circulating locally supports the area economy by helping family farms and businesses thrive. When local farms sell directly to you, they get the retail price for their food which helps their business to thrive. Every dollar spent on locally produced foods generates twice as much income for the local economy.

& The community

When we support our local food producers we are helping ensure that there will be active and productive farms in Woodford County tomorrow. Developing relationships between farmers and consumers is a natural outgrowth of buying local foods as it enables consumers to know those who produce their food.

                   Food is an important component of the social fabric of any community, and the closer the relationship between the buyer and the grower, the greater the likelihood of a more united community. As those who have visited the Farmers Market or bought from a local producer know, meeting those who produce food that our families eat forges a personal connection among us. We can share stories about the rhythm of the seasons, how our food is grown, and how we intend to use those foods to make our meals.

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