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Community gardens

What are community gardens?

A community garden is a place to grow food, flowers, and herbs in the company of friends and neighbors.

Community Gardens provide numerous benefits to local citizens.



  • Reduce monthly food costs

  • Increase site and overall property values

  • Teach citizens basic vocational skills



  • Give access to fresh, healthy food

  • Improve health through diet, exercise, and socialization

  • Provides a reason to spend time outdoors in the fresh air



  • Provide social interaction for isolated citizens

  • Empower youth and disabled residents

  • Reduce crime and drug activity

  • Encourage self-reliance

Community Gardens in Woodford County

Woodford County Community Garden

Margaret Hall at 117 Elm Street

Versailles, KY 40383

Individual raised bed garden plots which are free but must be reserved at the beginning of the season.


To reserve space:


Phone: (859)873-8182 for application from Bluegrass Community Action Council

Midway Community Garden

103 N. Turner

Midway, Kentucky 40347


Details: No individual plots. All tasks done communally—all are welcome to take and eat. Those who take food from the garden are supposed to give time to the garden’s upkeep in return.

For more information: call (859) 846-4751 or visit our Facebook page.

Woodford Map (GREEN & BOLD) .png

Margaret Hall, 117 Elm St, Versailles, KY 40383

103 N Turner
Midway, Kentucky 40347

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