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Woodford County Cooperative Extension Service (WCES) is a service agency which addresses informational needs of the community. A joint effort of the federal, state and local governments, extension agents use research-based information from our land grant universities, the University of Kentucky and Kentucky State University, to develop programs and answer questions.


The Horticulture Extension Agent, Faye Kuosman, provides educational training and technical assistance for individuals and horticulture businesses related to best practices of gardening/farming. Technical services include soil testing, disease diagnosis, and plant, weed, and insect identification. 


The Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent, Elizabeth Coots, is a resource for individuals and families on topics related to life skills, including leadership, financial stability, food preservation and cooking, sewing, and overall healthy lifestyles. She also oversees the training and use of the commercial kitchen located at the Ag. Resource Building.”


The Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Agent, Adam Probst, provides expertise to farmers and agricultural entities related to field crops, livestock, and natural resource concerns.


The 4-H Youth Development Extension Agent, Ryan Farley, provides positive youth development experiences related to agriculture, communications and expressive arts, family and consumer sciences, leadership, natural resources, and science engineering and technology.

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